An Irreverent Take On This Legendary Story...

In this new comedy musical Rob and Ian mix together modern humor with historic fact and of course some fiction, providing a brand new take on this most traditional of English legends, we all know the story of Robin Hood... or do we?

Was Robin Hood a hero stealing from the rich and giving to the poor? or just not a very good thief who gave his takings back in a misunderstanding with the local populus? Was Will Scarlet a red head? was he born that way?, had the witches of the forest put a hex on him? or was he just strawberry blonde?

Was Friar Tuck a man of the cloth, could Alan A Dale even play a lute? What was Maid Marian's relationship to the whole story and could Little John just possibly be a man of learning using long intricate descriptive words wherever possible.

Add to this the evil characters of the Sheriff of Nottingham and his sidekick Sir Guy of Gisbourne and you have a classic recipe for comedy.

But that's not all what about the other characters that could have been there at the time? Who were the Sheriffs tax collectors? Introducing Mr Sackbutt and Mr Crumhorn and how about a couple of witches (Rowan and Hazel) added for good measure?

Other members of Robin's gang include Young Henry (Henrietta), Morris the Traveller from Oxford and his small side kick… yes you guessed it, Morris Minor! and yes Morris Dancing was invented in the depths of Sherwood Forest.

Featuring all new original music, fantastic characters and a wealth of dance and chorus opportunities this new show now available for production.

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